The Playbook

Written by The Imperium Project

February 2, 2021

Has anyone ever wondered why our governments continue with the previous government's laws, rules, mandates, and regulations?

Here is your answer: Think of a Football training where you divide your team into two sides. The main team, and the opposing team. But they still play for the same Football Team.

This is called Scrimmage.

This is the same with Parliament and our MP's we elect.

They all swear an oath of allegiance to the Queen/Crown.

So how can you have an opposing team if they are playing for the same team?

All we are seeing is a Live Action Role Playing right in front of us, by the all the political parties playing their part in the game.

Have you wondered why the status quo stays the same?

In the Sports world, when the coach (Prime Minster) leaves, the bad playbook leaves with him, but in this case, the playbook stays the same and a new coach (Prime Minster) uses the same playbook.

Conservatives start a treaty, and the Liberals take over and continue negotiations and sign it even though it does not have any benefit for people?

Is it possible to get change for the people when the system is rigged?

In their game, the illusion is that we get to vote these Parties and Politicians that serve the same Masters.

Think of this as magic, where "So, normally only the magician, his assistant, and a few trusted stagehands know the secret of a trick."

This is about blind spots and misdirection. They have created so many blind spots and misdirects, most people can not see through the magic trick in front of their face.

They create these illusions and distractions to get us to look over at things such as the wage gap, gender equality, racism, and climate change.

They create these illusions and distractions to have us fight amongst ourselves, so they will be able to continue to do whatever they wish, all the meanwhile we are kept distracted with the minor illusions while they set up the grand finale.

For those out there that can see past the illusions, distractions and misdirects, this is how the quarterback can see through the melee of bodies on the field that create the illusions, distractions, and the misdirects so he can pass the ball down the field.

This is one of the many reasons why We Created “The Imperium Project”.

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