Leadership the Sovereign Choice

Written by The Imperium Project

March 10, 2021

The goal of The Imperium Project is to get people to realize and understand that they are the ones that must save themselves from the current system of corruption. We can not hold in faith hoping someone will be our savior.

We must become our own saviors by standing up and making the changes that we want to see.

We keep looking for someone else to be the leader, because we are afraid to become a leader and stand up and be counted as one of the people that is willing to make the changes society so desperately needs.

We look for someone else to assume the mantle of leadership so we can get behind them, and again we are disappointed.

We keep holding out hope that there will be one man or woman above the curve that can not and will not be corrupted, that is willing to give it all to solve the problems. And yet again we end up disappointed.

In the absence of real leadership, people will listen to anyone to steps up to the microphone.

You must understand that the corruption has been allowed to continue and allowed to promulgate into our daily lives.

This is why we need a System of Governance of society by the consent and will of the people, and not dictated to us by parties and groups, corporations or elite individuals, dividing us against one another, or telling us this is how they want the world to be run.

We know there is enough for everyone on this planet, and between governments and corporations they have deliberately created scarcity of education, healthcare, food, welfare programs, job aid, rehabilitation, justice, and many other issues that The Imperium Project takes seriously.

We live in a Society where we are forced to choose between education or taking a minimum wage job to just survive or being a criminal and living. We have created a society where those with money have better lives and better abilities to get selected into prestigious schools or jobs, because of who their family is or who they know, or are connected to.

We know that the system must be changed, yet we are too afraid to stand up and demand and make the changes ourselves. We the people are the power to make these changes needed to make a better society.

It is time for you to stand up become a leader. It is time for you to assume the mantle of leadership. It is time for you to become the leader that leads by example, not by dictate.

A True Sovereign that leads by example using facts, logic, and reason.

Being a Sovereign or a Citizen is a choice of being a member of an enlightened society, where freedom has responsibility, and all Sovereigns and Citizens accept responsibility and are accountable for their actions and choices.

We are Inviting you to read our Constitution on The Imperium Project website.

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