The BNA Act is dead

The BNA Act is dead. We can say that for certain as this was an Act of Parliament of the United Kingdom. By all Standards and Practices in writing any law, the law must have an enacting clause. Removal of the enacting clause removes the enactment of the act. Specifically, the Issue with the BNA Act is that with each session of parliament, this is a re-enacting of the BNA Act. Since this was...

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Leadership the Sovereign Choice

The goal of The Imperium Project is to get people to realize and understand that they are the ones that must save themselves from the current system of corruption. We can not hold in faith hoping someone will be our savior. We must become our own saviors by standing up and making the changes that we want to see. We keep looking for someone else to be the leader, because we are afraid to become a...

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The Playbook

Has anyone ever wondered why our governments continue with the previous government's laws, rules, mandates, and regulations? Here is your answer: Think of a Football training where you divide your team into two sides. The main team, and the opposing team. But they still play for the same Football Team. This is called Scrimmage. This is the same with Parliament and our MP's we elect. They all...

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Welcome to The Imperium Project

You have made an excellent choice and decision to create an enlightened society, where freedom has responsibility, where all Members accept responsibility and accountability for their actions and choices where they speak the Truth, Act with Honor and Integrity.

The Imperium Project is not a Secret Society, the Reason we do not accept members of any Secret Society; is that all Secret Societies demand and expect allegiance, fidelity, and loyalty above any other oath of allegiance, fidelity, loyalty, and affirmation of allegiance, fidelity, and loyalty.

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